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  • A community of Villagers keeping each other informed about the best place on Earth. Join our growing network!

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  • 24 jul 2018 · People of The Villages Florida can discuss their problems and get real solutions on this forum. Talk of the Villages Florida discussion Forum is ...

  • Through Online Forums, people can have discussions with each other on their problems or solutions. The members at Talk of the villages…

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5. Safety Tips - Village Community Development Districts

  • Having your radio on or your television on, set to a talk show at times when you are not at home, may make a burglar think that someone is at home. He may then ...

  • The Villages Community Development Districts Website

6. The European Startup Village Forum - EU Science Hub

  • 28 feb 2023 · The annual European Startup Village Forum intends to promote knowledge exchange and cooperation activities and to work as an open space ...

  • The annual European Startup Village Forum intends to promote knowledge exchange and cooperation activities and to work as an open space where institutions and stakeholders can meet, discuss and shape action for startup-driven innovation in rural areas.

The European Startup Village Forum - EU Science Hub

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  • Club Discussion Forum A great place to talk about great beers you've had or beers you're looking for or places to get good beer. (no messages) ...

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8. The Villages®, UF Health enter into exclusive talks to transform regional ...

  • 6 dec 2019 · The Villages®, UF Health enter into exclusive talks to transform regional health care ... Villages® community, including construction of a new ...

  • For more information, please contact: Rossana Passaniti, or 352-273-8569. THE VILLAGES, Fla. — The Villages® and University of Florida…

The Villages®, UF Health enter into exclusive talks to transform regional ...

9. Community Watch Programs - Village Community Development Districts

  • Community Watch Programs. House Check Program The House Check Program is a service available to all residents leaving the area for more than seven days.

  • The Villages Community Development Districts Website

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  • A community for Hackers, Researchers, DEF CON Groups, and anyone looking to explore the world of security.

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11. The European Startup Village Forum: Call for Pledges

  • 25 apr 2022 · The European Startup Village Forum is part of the flagship action on research and innovation for rural communities, included in the ...

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12. Event Calendar- Find Things To Do in The Villages®

  • Get out and enjoy the exciting world of America's premier 55+ active adult retirement community through our always updated calendar of events!

Event Calendar- Find Things To Do in The Villages®

13. Golf The Villages

  • Good Golf means being considerate for other golfers and those living on the course, ways of taking care of the course and using safety in our golf car community ...

  • LOPEZ LEGACY GOLF ACADEMY David's Scoring Clinic5/28/2024 8:30 AM60 Minutes of Group Instruction for a special rate of $45 per person!SARASOTA GOLF PRACTICE CENTER Joey's Short Game Clinic5/30/2024 8 AM60 Minutes of Group InstructionSARASOTA GOLF PRACTICE CENTER Sunrise Full Swing Clinic5/31/2024 7:30 AM60 Minute Group Session for only $25 per person!LOPEZ LEGACY GOLF ACADEMY Sunrise Full Swing Clinic6/3/2024 7:30 AM60 Minute Group Session for only $25 per person!SARASOTA GOLF PRACTICE CENTER New to Golf School6/3/2024 8 AMNew to Golf School - $336 per personSARASOTA GOLF PRACTICE CENTER New to Golf School6/3/2024 9 AMNew to Golf Scho0l - $336 per personShow All EventsShow Golf Academy Events

14. Querying the Overpass API for Villages - General talk

  • 21 mei 2016 · OpenStreetMap Community Forum · Querying the Overpass API for Villages · General talk ... node[place=“village”];foreach(out;is_in;area._[ ...

  • I have been able to query all cities and towns from Overpass, but it seems there are too many villages to get a query without timing out. Is there any way to get similar results to what Overpass gives by downloading the entire 60gb database file? Or is there any way to split up Overpass queries in a easy way? This is my query right now which looks impossible to run: node[place=“village”];foreach(out;is_in;area._[admin_level~“2|4”];out body; Thanks for any help!

Querying the Overpass API for Villages - General talk
Talk Of The Villages Forum (2024)


Why do people like The Villages? ›

Commonly referred to as a “paradise,” it is easy to find plenty of enjoyable activities in The Villages. Most things to do are outdoor attractions, but you can go inside and enjoy recreation centers, concerts, and theatrical performances.

Are The Villages 55 and up? ›

The Villages - Florida's Friendliest Active Adult 55+ Retirement Community.

How big is The Villages in acres? ›

The Villages is the largest, single-site, residential real estate development in the United States, spanning over 35,000 acres in three adjoining counties in Central Florida.

How old is The Villages? ›

It opened in the early 1980s as an evolving 55+ master-planned community for active adults. Today, residents of The Villages represent all 50 United States including many nations from around the world.

What is the issue with The Villages in Florida? ›

The trouble began in 2019 when residents of The Villages were suddenly hit with a 25 percent hike in their property taxes. In the master-planned retirement community of 130,000 across Sumter, Lake, and Marion counties in central Florida, many are on fixed incomes.

Do any celebrities live in The Villages? ›

I have heard that the famous 50's singer "Kay Starr" lived in the Villages and also the parents of HGTV's Interior Designer host, David Bromstad, lives in the Villages. Had to look up Kay Starr. There seem to be a lot of parents of various "famous" people here in the Villages.

What does a yellow loofah mean in the village? ›

“BLUE: Lowest level of full swap. Those who can play well with others” “YELLOW: Mid level swap. For those who want to have fun but are still nervous”

Are home prices dropping in The Villages Florida? ›

The Villages, FL housing market

The median listing home price in The Villages, FL was $379.9K in April 2024, trending down -5% year-over-year. The median listing home price per square foot was $259. The median home sold price was $367K.

What is the reputation of The Villages in Florida? ›


What is the crime rate in The Villages Florida? ›

The Villages has an overall crime rate of 9 per 1,000 residents, making the crime rate here near the average for all cities and towns of all sizes in America. According to our analysis of FBI crime data, your chance of becoming a victim of crime in The Villages is 1 in 115.

Who bought 20 acres next to the village? ›

Evolve Fruitland LLC, a subsidiary of Greensboro, North Carolina-based Evolve Cos., paid $4.5 million — or roughly 230,770 per acre — to T.D. Burke, a private property owner, for the pair of parcels at 305 County Road 466A in Fruitland Park, just east of the Publix-anchored Colony Plaza in The Villages.

How far are The Villages from the ocean? ›

The Villages is about 70 miles from the Atlantic Ocean (Daytona Beach area). This trip will take you about an hour and 30 minutes or so because the route does not include interstate. However, not a bad distance to drive to get to the beach. There's always quite a bit going on in this area.

Who owns The Villages now? ›

It is made up of 17 special purpose community development districts (CDD), which are controlled by a board of supervisors (BoS), five individuals elected by the landowners of the district. H. Gary Morse, the original owner's son, transferred most direct ownership in the company to his three children in 2006.

What family owns The Villages? ›

H. Gary Morse was first married to Sharon Morse, who died in 1999. Morse and his second wife, Renee, lived together in a house in The Villages worth more than $1 million. Morse had three children — Mark Morse, Jennifer Parr and Tracy Morse— each of whom own and work for the Holding Company of the Villages Ltd.

Why do The Villages have a high school? ›

To the Editor: The objective of building a new high school is to position the Charter School in a better location to draw off more students from the public schools in both Lake and Sumter counties.

What is so special about The Villages in Florida? ›

There is live entertainment 365 days a year in The Villages, FL - residents enjoy free entertainment every night from 5-9 pm at all three town squares. Each town square has its own theme, but all are packed full of shops, restaurants, events, and so much more. Decide which town square you'd like to visit first here.

What is The Villages most known for? ›

It is touted by many as America's best and most popular retirement community. The concept of The Villages began back in the 1960's, when Michigan businessman Harold Schwartz saw an opportunity during one of Florida's land booms. The Florida grasslands were not only abundant but also a bargain for the times.

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