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The Painted Gospel

The Lord is My Shepherd (Digital Art Print Download)

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🌟 Instant Access, Eternal Message: Dive into the beauty and inspiration of Christian artwork without waiting for shipping. This listing is for a digital download only, ensuring you receive your art immediately upon purchase.For handmade physical art prints, click here:

For large format prints up to 45"x60", canvas prints, posters, greeting cards and more, visit my Fine Art America gallery here:

Introducing my latest piece, "The Lord is My Shepherd," inspired by Psalm 23:1-3. This painting beautifully captures the tranquility and reassurance that come from knowing Jesus as our Good Shepherd.

What I love most about this painting is the serene morning light that bathes the landscape, symbolizing the new beginnings and hope we find in Christ. The image of Jesus gently watching over His flock beside the calm waters is a powerful reminder of His loving care and guidance. This scene reflects the peace that comes from trusting in the Lord to lead us on righteous paths and restore our souls.

Reflecting on my personal walk with Christ, this painting fills me with the comfort I find in His presence. There have been moments in my life when I felt lost, and it was the gentle guidance of Jesus that brought me back to a place of peace and security. I hope this artwork will inspire you to reflect on the Shepherd's love and care in your own life, bringing you closer to Him.

For those looking to bring this picture of Christ's love into their homes, "The Lord is My Shepherd" serves as a beautiful piece of decor to strengthen your faith. Order now to experience the comforting presence of our Good Shepherd in your daily life.

🎨 What You'll Receive: Your download comes as a zip file packed with gallery-quality JPEG art prints. Whether you're printing for personal use or showcasing in a gallery,I've got you covered. The files are available in both CMYK (for professional printing) and RGB (for digital displays) formats. Plus, I've included five different print sizes:

2x3 Aspect Ratio Files: 20"x30" (Can also be printed at 6"x9", 8"x12", 10"x15" or 12"x18" if you resize document, or change page sizing in printing preferences.)

3x4 Aspect Ratio Files: 30”x40” (Can also be printed at 6"x8", 9"x12", or 12"x16" if you resize document, or change page sizing in printing preferences.)

4x5 Aspect Ratio Files: 16"x20" (Can also be printed at 4"x5" or 8"x10" if you resize document, or change page sizing in printing preferences.)

1x1 Aspect Ratio Files: 24"x24" (Can also be printed at 8"x8", 12"x12", 16"x16", or 20"x20")

11x14 Aspect Ratio Files: 11”x14”

16:9 Aspect Ratio File: Sized for Samsung Frame TVs (Can also be adapted for screens and digital frames requiring 16:9 aspect ratio, ensuring the artwork fits beautifully on your display devices.)

For best quality andclarity, stick to the sizes (in inches) listed above.

Need a different size? Click here for custom sizing services. Additional fees may apply.

🌍 Why Digital Over Physical?

  • Flexibility: Print on your choice of material, be it canvas, photo paper, or even fabric. The world is your oyster!
  • Immediate Gratification: No more waiting days or weeks for shipping. Access your art instantly.
  • Eco-Friendly:Be a good steward of God's creation by avoiding shipping and packaging materials.
  • Cost-Effective: Save on shipping fees and potential customs duties.

🖨️ Printing Your Masterpiece: For the best results, I recommend printing your artwork at a professional print shop, especially if you're opting for the CMYK versions. However, these prints are also designed to look stunning when printed from home printers. Just ensure you choose the highest quality setting on your printer, and select the appropriate paper or canvas for the desired finish.

Bonus Gifts

Your digital download includes a few special gifts:

  1. Free Printing and Framing Guide:To ensure your artwork looks as stunning in print as it does on screen,I'veincluded a comprehensive guide that walks you through the best practices for printing and framing your new piece.

  2. Printable Gospel Card:Sharing is caring, especially when it comes to the Gospel. That's whyI'veadded a beautifully designed gospel card that you can print and include when gifting this artwork. It's a heartfelt way to introduce someone to the love of Jesus Christ.

Spread the Gospel Freely:Feel the calling to share the Good News far and wide? You're welcome to print multiple copies of the gospel cards to distribute and share the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.

Please Note: This is a digital product. No physical item will be shipped. Your purchase supports an artist passionate about sharing the gospel of Jesus through art. Every brushstroke is a testament to faith, hope, and love. May this artwork bless your space and all who view it.

Usage & Rights Guidance:

Your purchase grants you with the right to download and print this artwork once for personal use. If you areprinting more than one copy of the artwork, I kindly ask for a new purchase to support my work. For those looking toprint in larger quantities, please contact me at

Digital Purchase Refund Policy:

Please note that due to the immediate, digital nature of this item, I cannot offer refunds or exchanges for digital downloads. I kindly ask that you review your selection carefully before finalizing your purchase. Your understanding and support helps me continue my mission to spread the gospel through art.

A Few Final Notes to Remember

  • This is a Digital-Onlyitem; no tangible items will be sent.
  • Display colors may vary slightly depending on your device's settings. For best print quality, I suggest using premium white paper with a matte finish.
  • All rights and ownership remain with Painted Gospel.This itemis sold for non-commercial, personal use only. If you'reinterested in commissioning a custom pieceor in business endeavors, pleasecontact me at

Thank you for choosing my art to inspire and uplift. God bless! 🙏🌼

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The Lord is My Shepherd (Digital Art Print Download) (2)

The Lord is My Shepherd (Digital Art Print Download) (2024)
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