Hollywood power couple say they've given up Tinseltown for Fort Worth (2024)

A showbiz couple quit their life in crime-ridden Los Angeles to give their children a 'normal' upbringing in Texas - and say they're delighted with the move.

Sainty and Eric Nelsen recently told KHOU11all about their decision to move back to Sainty's hometown after years in California for the sake of their children.

The pair met in New York while they were successfully pursuing their respective stage and screen careers.

They soon married and moved to Los Angeles, where they solidified their Hollywood success - the pair have between them, two Tony Awards and Seven Emmys.

But after the birth of their daughter, they decided that Texas could offer something LA couldn't - a 'normal, amazing upbringing with good foundations.'

Sainty (left) and Eric (right) Nelsen, and their two children, made the move in the last few years to Fort Worth, Texas, from the hills of Hollywood

Despite their mainstream success, Eric says he had always known he wanted to settle down in his wife's down-to-earth hometown.

'I knew one day I wanted to live here.I just didn't know when I was going to be possible. So we had our daughter and I was finally like, okay, maybe this is the time,' he said.

'Let's take her out of LA, let's go be around family. Let's have her in a normal, amazing upbringing with good foundations. So we made the move!'

After trading the exorbitantly priced, homeless encampment-filled streets of LA for Fort Worth, Nelsen received career news that seemingly confirmed the wisdom of the family's move.

He got a call from 'Yellowstone' creator Taylor Sheridan, who told him he'd been cast in the show's prequel, '1883,' which films in Fort Worth.

'I was like, wait a minute, we're living in Fort Worth, Texas!' Eric says was his response when he got the call.

Since '1883' began shooting in the Nelsen's new backyard, they haven't looked back on their decision to make the city their new home.

Sainty said the pair, and their children, have 'really embraced the whole cowboy/cowgirl culture.'

'We’re fully immersed in this world,' she said, which also meant the launch of a podcast, 'Glamour and Grit,' by the couple, who have been married for a decade.

The pair have now settled in to their new hometown, where Sainty grew up, and where the pair are looking forward to raising their children

The move, which they made about four years ago, coincided with the ongoing collapse of Los Angeles, into a place where children may or may not be safe walking down streets populated by homeless encampments

The pair met more than a decade ago in New York, where they were both pursuing careers in the performing arts

The pair recently launched a podcast, Glamour and Grit, about their marital life and home in Fort Worth, where Sainty was raised

Once they'd settled into their new lives, they wanted to make sure they found ways to give back to their community, which for Sainty means partnering with local organizations, and for Eric has meant becoming involved with local companies.

Eric has previously partnered with Bucking Bull Bourbon, and has also become a member of the local horse cutting community.

Horse cutting is a modern equestrian competitive event, which requires a horse and its rider to separate a single cow from a herd of cattle and prevent it from returning to the group.

Sainty has also been recognized by the Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame with an award given to adults who promote Western heritage in the community through education and volunteer work.

The pair have been able to continue pursuing their entertainment industry careers from their new home

Both have also become engaged in local activities, including horse-riding competitions for Eric, and the Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame for Sainty

In addition to their extracurricular pursuits, the couple have had no issues maintaining their working lives from down South.

Eric travels frequently for work, but Sainty - a sought-after voice actress - is able to record voice-overs at their home studio for hit children's television programs that include 'Minions,' and the 'Trolls' tv show.

The pair are so in love with their now-permanent dwelling place that they say they look forward to recruiting industry friends to join them.

'The minute they get here, they all don't want to leave,' said Eric. The friendliness and 'camaraderie' of the community is specifically something 'you don't get other places,' he added.'

'I’ve never been just so content and so happy in my entire life.This community has been so good to us and we want to do as much as we can for this community as well because it has changed our lives,' said Sainty.

Hollywood power couple say they've given up Tinseltown for Fort Worth (2024)
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