Free Polar Express Printable Worksheets (Plus Crafts, Activities & Recipes) (2024)

One of my all-time favorite Christmas movies is “The Polar Express.” Grab these Free Polar Express Printables (plus crafts, activities & recipes) for great ideas to make the most out of this classic movie in your homeschool and the holidays.

Free Polar Express Printable Worksheets (Plus Crafts, Activities & Recipes) (1)

Polar Express

I love this movie, my kids love it, and every year I plan our own Polar Express party for our annual viewing, but it never seems to happen quite as I envision it.

But this year, I’m going to do my best to make it amazing! I want it to be an all-day affair – from the fun printables, crafts, and activities to the yummy recipes. So, I gathered some great ones for you here today!!

Free Polar Express Printables

It’s that time of the year; from Thanksgiving to Christmas, and into the new year, our “normal” homeschool routine is put on hold. The Christmas season is when we take a more relaxed approach.

The easiest way to do that is to use printables and resources around some of our favorite books and movies, like the Polar Express. Your kids will love these free Polar Express printables and ideas because they are a fun way to celebrate the holiday season.

What can your children learn from The Polar Express?

Not all movies are for your children. Moms like me prefer my kids to watch every Christmas show and movie about Jesus. Yet, I can’t help but also enjoy all Christmas movies – period.

So, if you are wondering why The Polar Express may be a good unit study for your kids, here are a few things to think about before getting on the train ;-).

  1. The Polar Express is a pure classic to share with your kids – it’s much fun!
  2. The character is a child from a normal, struggling family which some kids may relate to.
  3. A young girl ends up leading the train at the end of the movie, definitely an inspiration.
  4. There is a “homeless man” who seems pretty creepy but helps kids see not to quickly judge by appearances.
  5. It’s just a plainly fun movie of hope, of believing, and a nice wholesome movie for the kids. Just make sure you teach them about the true meaning of the season – Jesus!

If you choose to share this movie with your family, then make it a whole unit study with the amazing resources below.

Free Polar Express Printables

Whether you read the book or watch the movie, pull out the Polar Express and enjoy it with your family this Christmas season, or even on Christmas Eve. Create your own study with these polar express free printables and resources. Get some ideas for fun Polar Express crafts towards the end of this post.

Polar Express Pack – This free Polar Express printable pack is for your toddlers, preschool, Pre-K, or kindergarten students at home. Kids will learn in fun ways with this Polar Express theme.

TONS of Polar Express Printables – Families are already getting excited about Christmas. If your kids enjoy Polar Express then they you’ll want to grab these awesome Polar Express worksheets.

Printable Polar Express Unit Study

Polar Express Printable and Unit Study Resources – This is not just a printable or two. The free resource is an entire unit study to enjoy The Polar Express in your homeschool for the holidays.

Polar Express Lapbook

Free Polar Express Lapbook & Unit Study – Grab this literature-based unit study which includes lessons and activities to go alongside The Polar Express. Kids will be able to get in the spirit of Christmas using this study and lapbook.

Free Polar Express Printables

Polar Express Printables & Party Pack – These free Polar Express printables pack and awesome ideas to make a whole fun lesson while they enjoy the holiday movie. The pack includes a crossword puzzle, a word search activity, coloring pages, and more.

Free Polar Express Writing Prompts

Polar Express Writing Prompts – This totally free e-book is 11-pages of word prompts to go alongside The Polar Express movie. If your kids are not excited about writing, this can help during the holidays.

Polar Express Worksheets

Polar Express Worksheets – Plenty of math and literacy Polar Express activity sheets that are themed to the movie.

Polar Express Comprehension Sort – This simple picture sort will help your children compare the differences and similarities between the book and movie.

The Polar Express Worksheets and Activities

Polar Express Memory Game for Comprehension – This cute-themed memory game will help your kids with comprehension of what they just read or watched.

Activity Pack for the Polar Express – There are telling time worksheets, writing activities, story summaries, and more.

Recommended: Open & Go Christmas Unit Studies

Preparing Your Heart for Christmas is a short 10-day Advent devotional andis suitable for children in grades K-4. Younger children will enjoy the daily devotions and discussion questions, Advent Coloring Pages, and Advent Scene Builder.

If you have an older child – no worries! Christmas Around The World Unit Study is great for grades 4 & up. Even young children will enjoy the interesting stories of cultures and traditions from around the world!

Free Polar Express Printable Worksheets (Plus Crafts, Activities & Recipes) (2)

Polar Express Coloring Pages

Polar Express Coloring Pages – Do you have an aspiring train conductor? Take a train ride through wonderland with these Christmas train coloring pages.

Number Worksheets for the Polar Express – I love these color-by-number worksheets that have cute scenes from the movie.

Writing Activities for Polar Express

My Favorite Part of the Polar Express Writing Activity – Have your children narrate their favorite part of the movie with this writing activity.

Reflection Journal Topics and Writing Paper – Inspire your students to get excited about writing with this Christmas-themed writing activity.

Writing Prompts for the Polar Express -These writing prompts are flexible enough to use after reading the book or watching the movie.

Polar Express Worksheets for Toddlers, Preschool, and Kindergarten

Playdough Mats for the Polar Express – These themed playdough mats will keep your young children busy with the printable number and letter mats.

The Polar Express Preschool Pack – Get your preschoolers involved with these letter and number recognition worksheets that go along with the book and movie.

Polar Express Inspired Emergent Readers – 4 different leveled readers that go perfectly with the movie.

Polar Express Pack for Tot, Preschool, PreK, Kindergarten – Tot packs are a great way to keep your little ones busy while your older children are doing their school work.

Polar Express Crafts

We love doing crafts, especially around the holiday season. I think every holiday we spend most of our free time crafting together. These train-themed Christmas crafts and hands-on activities are festive and fun.

If crafting is your thing, then making crafts for The Polar Express will be a fun family activity. If you looking for some fun Polar Express art projects, these are easy enough, even for the non-crafty mom.

We’ve got some fun Polar Express crafts listed for you below, from a Polar Express LEGO train, to DIY ornaments and making fake snow, your kids are sure to have a blast!

Polar Express LEGO Train – Want to make a lasting impression this holiday? Order this LEGO Polar Express Train Set. You could even make train tickets to go along with your LEGO train!

The Polar Express Craftivity – How could we have any holiday lesson without a craft?! Here is an awesome Polar Express craftivity while reading and spelling words with the “ch” sound.

Erupting Snow – Your children will be so excited to make this “fake” snow. And guess what? It is made with only two ingredients.

North Pole Ornament – Looking for DIY kid ornaments for your tree? This North Pole popsicle stick ornament is an easy MUST to add to your Christmas tree this year.

Polar Express Painting and Jingle Bell Bracelets – If there is any time to make noisy crafts, it’s Christmas.

The Polar Express Activity Printables

Sweet Polar Express Activities – These sweet activities use themes from the book and movie to create some fun themed treats.

North Pole Snow: Recipe & Printable – Little ones love sensory play and will have a blast with these North Pole themes snow recipes.

Polar Express Printables- Jingle Bell Count – These printables use jingle bells to practice counting and playing with at the same time.

Silver Bells Measurement Pack – Practice your measuring skills with these cute silver bell-themed printable activities.

Cool LEGO® Creation – Polar Express Train – The Lego lovers in your house are going to freak out over this Polar Express-themed LEGO creation. A super fun Polar Express train craft.

Silver Bell Ornament ~ Book-Inspired & Kid-Made – Silver bells are a magical part of the story of the Polar Express. Create your own silver bell craft with this tutorial.

Polar Express Craftivity

The Polar Express Craftivity Freebie – Your kids will have fun creating their own mug of hot chocolate with this craft activity.

Magic Snow Recipe – Snow is a huge part of the North Pole. If you don’t have access to snow where you are at, your kids will love this fun magic snow recipe.

Polar Express Jingle Bell Bracelet – Create your very own jingle bell bracelet to go along with the jingle bells from the movie.

Hot Chocolate Snow Dough – Snow Dough is a fun sensory play recipe. Take it a step further by giving it a hot chocolate scent.

Polar Express Books & Products

The Polar Express Movie – If you don’t already own The Polar Express. We have you covered. Grab different versions of Polar Express here, whether Prime Video stream, DVD, Blu-ray, and more options.

The Magic Journey: Deluxe Storybook – This Magic Journey storybook adapted from the Polar Express Movie is a perfect text to use in your lesson. This only comes as a hardcover.

Selections from the Polar Express: Easy Piano – Does your child play the piano? If they play or are learning piano, this paperback text for Polar Express selection is a great alternative resource for your learners.

Lionel Polar Express Baggage Car – This awesome Polar Express car is an O Gauge system. It is a great addition to a Polar Express train.

Polar Express Lionel Add-on Diner Car – This add-n diner car has Interior Illumination, silhouettes in windows, and is a great addition to any Polar Express Train layout. It will go great with the baggage car above.

Lionel Polar Express Add-on Figures – Check out these Lionel Trains The Polar Express People Pack, O Gauge, People: Santa, Billy, Hero Girl, and Hobo. You can’t miss this set of four characters for Polar Express.

Navy Blue Conductor Hat – Grab a few of these Adult Navy Blue Train Engineer Conductor Driver Hat Costume Accessories. Your kids will love being able to act out some Polar Express scenes or just get into the holiday spirit during their lessons.

Luxury Trains of the World: The New Polar Express – Make the most out of your Polar Express-themed lesson plans with this awesome book. Your kids can learn about the luxury trains of the world.

The Polar Express Unit Study Recipes

A movie night isn’t complete without some really fun snacks. Make your Christmas-themed movie night even more festive with these adorable Polar Express and winter-themed snacks and treats to warm you up.

Polar Express Bell Favors & Printable Tags – Host a Polar Express movie night with these adorable printable party favors to pass out to your guests at the end of the night.

Holiday Hot Chocolate Chex™ Mix – This festive holiday mix is like eating a cup of hot chocolate. The kids are going to love it.

Polar Express Literary Snack Idea – Create a cute train-themed snack from graham crackers, cookies, and M&Ms.

These Polar Express Printables & Party Idea Packet will give you everything you need to host a fun-themed movie night.

Christmas North Pole Cheese Stick Snacks – Kids love string cheese. Create a North Pole out of string cheese for a festive snack.

The ‘Polar Express’ Creamy Hot Cocoa – This is a great creamy hot cocoa recipe perfect for the movie.

Hot Cocoa Cupcakes – My kids love creating themed snacks. These cupcakes look like little hot cocoa cups and will look adorable on any treat table.

Chocolate Hot Chocolate Themed Cookies – These cookies are made with hot chocolate drink mix and topped with mini marshmallows. I love this fun idea.

Rice Krispie Hot Chocolate Treats – This is a fun winter-themed twist on a classic treat.

Hot Chocolate Spoons – Create your own chocolate spoons to serve with hot chocolate at your next party.

Frozen Hot Chocolate – We live in Florida, so we have had our fair share of warm weather on Christmas days. One year it was 85 degrees on Christmas. If that is the case you are going to love this frozen hot chocolate recipe.

North Pole Cupcakes – These simple cupcakes are decorated to look like a North pole. They are the perfect dessert treat to go with the movie.

Peppermint Popcorn – You really have to check out this recipe. Peppermint popcorn bark was one of my favorite holiday treats. I don’t have the ingredients where I live to make them but you do so make some and give them away as treats to friends and family – or me, across the globe. ;-)

Creamy Crockpot Hot Cocoa – This recipe claims to be the BEST EVER creamy crockpot hot cocoa. This will be an absolute holiday hit.

Snowballs – Woooooow! You will love this stacked post of snowman edible hits for your home. You will check out how to make snowman fingers, snowman hats, snowballs, and more.

Don’t miss all the fun games and activities on the Polar Express website too!

Free Polar Express Printable Worksheets (Plus Crafts, Activities & Recipes) (2024)
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