Focus: The Darleen Tana saga - how it happened (2024)

Darleen Tana is no longer in the Green Party but is yet to state whether she’ll remain as an MP. Video / Chereè Kinnear / Carson Bluck

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New Zealand

Focus: The Darleen Tana saga - how it happened

Darleen Tana is no longer in the Green Party but is yet to state whether she’ll remain as an MP. Video / Chereè Kinnear / Carson Bluck

New Zealand

Lulu Sun’s Wimbledon run ends and senator-speed dating | Focus Morning Bulletin July 10, 2024

In today’s headlines with Chereè Kinnear, Lulu Sun’s Wimbledon run ends, Woolworths assaults surge and Chris Luxon engages in key meeting in DC. Video / NZ Herald

New Zealand

Focus: Lulu Sun's Wimbledon run ends

Lulu Sun’s amazing run from qualifying to the quarter-finals has come to an end following a defeat to world No 37 Donna Vekic. Video / NZ Herald


Focus Live: Luxon speaks to media from US

The PM has been meeting senators and Congress members in Washington DC.

New Zealand

Ka Whawhai Tonu whānau screening

Ka Whawhai Tonu screened to whānau at Regent Theatre, Te Awamutu. Video / Double Loop Films / Chris Hillock

New Zealand

From farm to art: How wonky avocados are helping the fight against food waste

Auckland photographer Adam Popovich partners with Wonky Box to highlight food waste in New Zealand. Video / Carson Bluck

New Zealand

Focus: Trackless trams bound for Auckland

Auckland Transport will trial trackless trams before the end of the year. Video / NZ Herald

New Zealand

Focus: Woman suffers after doctor used surgical mesh against her wishes

A woman is disappointed about the consequences for a gynaecologist who left her with life-changing complications. Video / NZ Herald

New Zealand

Liquor licence battle and France faces PM uncertainty | Focus Morning Bulletin July 9, 2024

In today’s headlines with Chereè Kinnear, Wellington rugby club's liquor licence challenge, trackless trams and France's uncertain political landscape. Video / NZ Herald

New Zealand

Kea Kids: What do tamariki think of Inside Out 2?

Inside Out 2 is one of the most popular movies of the year, but does it stack up to the first one? Reporter Kahtrel and her mates check it out and give their professional reviews.


Greens call on Darleen Tana to resign from Parliament

Greens co-leader Chloe Swarbrick shares her views and her wishes for the next steps of MP Darleen Tana.Video / Mark Mitchell

New Zealand

Focus live: The Green Party responds to the findings

The Green Party respond to the findings of the independent investigation into Darleen Tana.

New Zealand

Focus: Heart drug funding plea

Cardiologists are urging Pharmac to fund life-saving SGLT2 inhibitors for heart failure. Video / NZ Herald


Focus: Most burgled suburbs revealed

Auckland's Takanini South leads with frequent residential burglaries. Video / NZ Herald

New Zealand

Most burgled suburbs and heart drugs funding plea | Focus Morning Bulletin July 8, 2024

In today’s headlines with Chereè Kinnear the most burgled neighbourhoods revealed, debate over speed limit increases and cardiologists warn of a heart services crisis.

New Zealand

Kea Kids News: Kiwi kids taste test their first-ever hāngī

A hāngī is a staple of NZ life for most tamariki, but these kids are trying it for the very first time! Reporter Pania is in Papatoetoe, where a special Matariki lunch is served.

New Zealand

Chantelle Baker victim of road rage

Blogger seeks information after attacked in car and windscreen smashed.Video / Chantelle Baker

New Zealand

Death penalty in play for McKay killers, Biden denies medical exam | Morning Bulletin 7 July, 2024

Death penalty considered for killers of Patricia McKay.Biden denies medical fitness exam.New Iranian President warns of challenges ahead.Video / NZ Herald


Kendrick Lamar - 'Not Like Us' Video

Kendrick Lamar “Not Like Us”Directed by Dave Free & Kendrick LamarVideo / Kendrick Lamar

New Zealand

PM visits flood-damaged Wairoa, promises $3 million for clean up

Prime Minister Christopher Luxon travelled to Wairoa this morning to meet with the mayor and victims of the floods.Video / NZ Herald


Eugene Tuhaka back to good fitness after nearly dying from cardiac arrest

Eugene is speaking out to raise awareness of heart health, including the danger signs that led up to his collapse while playing touch rugby.Video / Supplied

New Zealand

Survivor shares harrowing story of Mama Hooch sexual assault

At 22, Danielle Gare was drugged and assaulted at Mama Hooch. Now 28, she bravely shares her journey to inspire others. Video / Carson Bluck

New Zealand

American singer busks in Auckland

Teddy Swims busks at Auckland’s Commercial Bay ahead of Spark Arena show. Video / Tom Dillane

New Zealand

Southbound lanes closed on Auckland Harbour Bridge

All southbound State Highway 1 lanes leading onto Auckland Harbour Bridge are closed after a van and truck collided. Video / Supplied

New Zealand

Newshub staff thank the public as final broadcast comes to a close

Newshub staff from around the country gathered on the newsroom’s front doorstep for one last photograph together. Video / Raphael Franks


Police hunt for pair after Mangakino fire

Police appeal for public help to find two people who set a Mangakino house alight on Monday, June 24. Video / NZ Police


Sergeant Pepper’s' Tribute: Kiwi Supergroup with Orchestra

Kiwi supergroup honors 'Sergeant Pepper’s' with orchestral brilliance in NZ. Featuring The Phoenix Foundation and solo stars!Video / Michael Craig

New Zealand|Politics

Mayor Wayne Brown's 'Biden moment'

The Mayor of Auckland accidentally revealed confidential information during a public meeting, and compared himself to the US president and his forgetfulness. Video / AC

New Zealand

Fire rips through Grey Lynn home twice in 24 hours, investigation under way

Firefighters have returned to Harcourt St in Grey Lynn after a home caught fire for the second time in less than 24 hours.Video / NZME / Hayden Woodward

New Zealand

Focus Live: PM Luxon speaks to media in Ashburton

Prime Minister Christopher Luxon is set to speak to journalists with just days remaining before he travels to the United States for this year’s Nato summit in Washington DC.


Mātauranga Māori Science and Design Fair

Te Arawa Lakes Trust environment officer Keeley Grantham at the Tūkohu Ngāwhā Mātauranga Māori Science and Design Fair. Video / Laura Smith

Emirates unveils a no-nonsense safety video

Dubai-based airline's new safety message cuts to the chase. Video / Emirates


Funding concerns for Whakaata Māori

Minister of Māori Development Tama Potaka says the decision to time-lock funding for Whakaata Māori was Labour’s. Video / Whakaata Māori


Support for Hauraki Gulf protection bill

A government select committee has included an additional 19 new protection areas across the marine reserve. Video / Whakaata Māori

New Zealand

UK Election Results and Housing Crisis Solutions| Focus Morning Bulletin July 5, 2024

On UK election day, Labor aims for a landslide victory ending 14 years of conservative rule. Plus, government unveils plans, Auckland speed limit debates, screen time advice.

New Zealand

All Blacks legend's fight with council body

Sir Bryan George Williams at the Ponsonby Rugby Club in Western Springs.

New Zealand

Residents, businesses clash with council over ‘cycle friendly’ street trial

Up to 100 residents gathered to protest Grey Streets new trial layout in Gisborne. Video / Zita Campbell

New Zealand

A personal goodbye: Newsreader Eric Young

Newsreader Eric Young will present his final 5.30pm bulletin for Sky TV on Friday night. Video / Ben Dickens / Jason Dorday

Focus: The Darleen Tana saga - how it happened (2024)
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