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Meet your Askey LTE Wi-Fi Gateway

For more gateway steps, such as instructions on how to install your SIM or reset your gateway, check out our Tutorials.

Askey LTE Wi-Fi Gateway Tutorials

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LCD Screen

Tech Specs

Technical details for the Askey LTE Wi-Fi gateway
  • Battery size: 5200 mAh
  • Disabled. Light will always show red.
AC Adapter


12V / 2A

Dimensions (W x H) 6.69 x 4.88 in (170mm x 124mm)
Operating temperature range -20°– 45° C (-4° F –113° F)
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n
  • WPA2 Wi-Fi Security
  • Ethernet plugs 2xRJ-45
  • USB 2.0 Micro USB connector (for professional service only)
  • Maximum recommended devices: 10 devices per band
    • 10 on 5 GHz
    • 10 on 2.4 GHz
  • 4G LTE bands: B2, B4, B5, B12, B71, B66
  • 3G / 4G bands: 1, 2, 4, 5, 8

Firmware updates

  • Firmware updates are pushed out automatically when available. They can't be manually requested.
  • They're sent out in phases over a few weeks, so not all users get the update at the same time.
  • Updates happen between 1 am and 3 am PST; make sure your gateway is turned on during this time to get the update.
  • Do not restart the gateway when it’s updating. The gateway will automatically restart once the update is complete.

To check firmware version...

  1. From the T-Mobile Internet App, select MORE>Gateway information.
  2. Review theFirmware version.
Askey LTE gateway firmware version, fixes, and features
Firmware version Fixes & Features
14443 Battery disabled
  • Stability Improvements to Wi-Fi 2.4GHz
  • IPv6 Connectivity fix on Wi-Fi 5GHz
  • Firestick Cube – Disney Plus and HBO fix
  • Factory Reset GUI Notification Improvement
  • GUI Roaming Status fix
  • Askey TM-RTL0102 is not able to connect to Chromebooks and results in all loss of connectivity to LTE and the LTE LED flashing red to green repetitively
  • SSID passwords with special characters fail to connect when connecting from devices
  • Wi-Fi 2.4GHz/5GHz SSID inverted
  • Header text not translated while switched to Spanish
  • Unique admin password
  • The unique password modifies the admin password on new devices only.
  • LTE only site - could not register
  • Changing to the Spanish language in the GUI does not save once the user closes the browser
  • Occasional loss of access to the GUI when 20 devices are connected to the DUT
  • User cannot change both the start and the end values of the IP Address Pool at the same time
  • Cannot tell how many IP addresses are available to be assigned out
  • Changing the DUT's IP Address, Subnet Mask and IP Address Pool causes the DUT to lose LTE internet connection
  • Channel Settings and Bandwidth Settings cannot be changed on the 5 GHz channel through the GUI
  • [TR069] Periodic Inform
  • [TR069] Bugfix for Device does not talk to ACS
  • Enable ULCA
  • CA capability following TMO request in HLFS
  • Deny Femtocell for LTE router
  • DNSmasq config update
  • Qualcomm Wi-Fi 5G driver update
  • Hide Roaming function from UI and controlled through TR069
  • QR code shown cleartext administrator username and password
  • Enhance the protection of system configuration file
  • XSS protection to be stopping JavaScript & Html
  • IPv4/IPv6 issue between FireTV and TM-RTL0102
  • Time - Daylight saving incorrect
  • Any IPv6 device connected to the LAN is reachable from the WAN
  • [TR069] Client Crash/Boot Loop Issue
  • [TR069] Router Not Reporting CellTower
  • Any IPv6 device connected to the LAN is reachable from the WAN
  • Auth token removed from the URL
  • IMEI SV increment for every SW change (IMEI SV change to 01)
  • TMO GUI Style
  • Add Wi-Fi Parameters to the Reporting
  • Remove "engineer" and "viewer" accounts from the device.
  • Enhancement for 310240 SIM missing EHPLMN
  • Enhancement of Default APN for TMO commercial SIM
  • LTE Signal strength does not match speeds obtained through DUT
  • Access Control performance issues

Release version

Web Gateway User Interface (GUI)

  • The Web GUI allows you to access and change the Askey LTE Wi-Fi Gateway settings.
  • You must be connected to the Askey LTE Wi-Fi Gateway through Wi-Fi or Ethernet to access.
  • The Web GUI is designed to work with most modern browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Edge, and Safari.
  • You can receive and send text messages and notifications about your billing and services through the Web GUI (for T-Mobile Home Internet-only customers).

To log in, open a web browser, visit, and log in with your username and password.

  • For devices purchasedbeforeDecember 31, 2019, the default username and password isadmin.
  • For devices purchased after December 31, 2019, the default password will match the Wi-Fi Password on the label.

Web GUI Tutorials

Network information & settings (Wi-Fi, LTE, APN)

  • SelectBasic>Network>Network Mapto view information on the Internet, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi connections.

    • A green check means connected. A red X means disconnected or disabled.
    • SelectConnected devices to view a list of devices connected to either LTE or Wi-Fi. Choose a device to view the MAC and IP addresses for that device.
  • SelectBasic>Network>Statusto view information about your LTE and Home network connections, including:

    • IPv4, IPv6, and DNS addresses for the LTE connection
    • Signal strength and SIM status for the LTE connection
    • MAC and IP addresses for the Askey LTE Wi-Fi Gateway (LAN)
    • Wi-Fi network name, status, mode, channel, and bandwidth
    • IMEI, SIM card number (ICCID), Phone number (MSISDN)
  • SelectBasic>Network>LTEto view and change the following LTE settings:

    • Internet and SIM status
    • Disconnect from the internet
    • Data roaming (this setting will not allow you to move your T-Mobile Home Internet service)
    • Airplane mode
    • Connection profile settings:
      • APN:fbb.home
      • Username:[blank]
      • Password:[blank]
      • Authentication Type:None
      • PDN Type:IPv6


    T-Mobile does not recommend using a SIM PIN for this device, since it only works in the Askey LTE Wi-Fi Gateway and is locked to your location. If the SIM PIN is enabled, you must go to Basic>Network>LTEand enter the SIM PIN every time the Gateway turns on. If you enter the incorrect PIN too many times, you will be prompted to enter the PUK and a new PIN.Contact usif you need your PUK code.

    SelectExpert>Network>LTEto view SIM Management settings and enable a SIM PIN.

    • PIN Protected (on/off): Enter your PIN and selectSave(default PIN is 1234).
    • Change PIN (on/off): Enter your current and new PINs, then selectSave.
  • SelectBasic>Network>Wi-Fi, then choose2.4 GHZor5 GHZat the top to view and change these Wi-Fi settings. You must change 2.4 and 5 GHZ settings separately. Select Saveif you make any changes.

    • Turn Wi-Fi on or off
    • Wireless Name (SSID)
    • Wireless Password (must be 12 characters)
    • Hide SSID

    SelectExpert>Network>Wi-Fi, then choose2.4 GHZor5 GHZ at the top to view and change these additional Wi-Fi settings. You must change 2.4 and 5 GHz settings separately. Select Save if you make any changes.

    • Security
      • None
      • WPA/WPA2-Personal (default)
    • Security version
      • Mixed WPA/WPA2
      • WPA2 (default)
    • Encryption
    • Wireless mode
      • 2.4 GHZ default is 802.11g/n mixed
      • 5 GHz default is 802.11a/ac/n mixed
    • Channel (default is auto)
    • Channel Bandwidth (default is auto)
  • SelectExpert>Network>LANto view and change these LAN settings. SelectSaveif you make any changes.

    • Basic
      • MAC and IP addresses of the Askey LTE Wi-Fi Gateway
      • Subnet Mask
    • Advanced
      • DHCPS on/off (default is on): The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Server (DHCPS) automatically assigns IP addresses to devices that connect via ethernet or Wi-Fi
      • IP Address Pool (default is 100 - 150): This is the IP address range the DHCPS can assign. You can't connect more devices than you have IP addresses available to the DHCPS.
      • Primary DNS (default is blank): The Domain Name System (DNS) translates web URLs likeT-Mobile.cominto the actual IP address of the web server.
      • Secondary DNS (default is blank)
  • SelectBasic>Network>Traffic Queryto view information about your data usage.

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Askey LTE Wi-Fi Gateway | T-Mobile 5G Home Internet (2024)
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